Youngston Townsterr

The head of the galaxy wide conglomerate Townsterr Industries, Youngston Townsterr the 5th is considered a patriot to the Empire and philanthropic galaxy leader by the masses. In the last decade, the Coriellian CEO has begun to lead not just the corporate world but the galaxy itself. Intelligence from the Crucible sector has Townsterr massing a large droid army, associating himself with a dark jedi known as Lord Aramid, and supposedly replacing Lans Garner with his own operative for almost a year's time.

Rebel Intelligence can confirm the replacement of Garner. However our intelligence shows this was working with the Imperials not alone. Rebel Intelligence also cannot prove that Townsterr is massing any sort of droid army. As Townsterr is well connected with both the Imperials and the Corporate Sector, any operative should engage with extreme caution.

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