Zeta Aquilae System

Region: Wild Space
Sector: Kathol Sector
Suns: Zeta Aquilae Majoris, Zeta Aquilae Minora Alpha and Zeta Aquilae Minora Beta
Orbits: Zeta Aquilae I - VI
Space Stations: Elbaz Station (as of Sparks 156: Mystery at Elbaz Station)
Asteroids: None.
Other Objects: Zeta Aquilae IV has four moons, Zeta Aquilae IV a - d.
Trade Routes: None.

Zeta Aquilae is several hours' travel after the Rimma Trade Route ends at Karideph and the Trition Trade Route begins. After the Trition Trade Route ends at Gandle Ott, Zeta Aquilae is another 4 hours travel into wild space via hyperspace.

Reference: Wikipedia Entry on Zeta Aquilae and Aladin Entry on Zeta Aquilae

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