Zeta Aquilae IV

Region: Wild Space
Sector: Kathol Sector
System: Zeta Aquilae
Suns: Zeta Aquilae Majoris, Zeta Aquilae Minora Alpha and Zeta Aquilae Minora Beta
Orbital Position: 4
Moons: Zeta Aquilae IV a, b, c, and d
Rotation Period: 76 standard hours
Orbital Period: 148 local days

Diameter: 15,000 km
Atmosphere: Type II - Atmosphere support required.
Gravity: 1.5 times standard.
Primary Terrain: Barren plains, mountains
Points of Interest: None known.

Native Species: None.
Starport: Elbaz Station (as of Sparks 156: Mystery at Elbaz Station)

Zeta Aquilae is several hours' travel after the Rimma Trade Route ends at Karideph and the Trition Trade Route begins. After the Trition Trade Route ends at Gandle Ott, Zeta Aquilae is another 4 hours travel into wild space via hyperspace. The system has three stars and seven planets; Zeta Aquilae is the fourth planet in the system. The planet is barren and of no known value.

The (now defunct) Pentad Mining Corporation last held exploration and development rights to Zeta Aquilae. Pentad found supplies on a moon of Zeta Aquilae IV that they thought might be valuable; they built Elbaz Station to serve as their headquarters in the region. A few years after the station was completed, Pentad lost all contact with the station. Pentad attempted to recover its losses, but no expedition to Zeta Aquilae ever returned and Pentad quickly went bankrupt. Contact was restored with Elbaz Station approximately ten years later (during the events of Sparks 154 - Escape from Elbaz Station).

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