Zzingnut Empire


The Zzingnut Empire was created when Chichi Zzingnut and Jynx Vo-Zzingnut claimed an entire system as salvage, renaming it the Ours System. Chichi and Jynx named themselves Emperor and Empress of the Ours System. Over time, the Royal Family has grown by adoption and appointments.

The Royal Family

Emperor Chichi Zzingnut

  • Benevolent Ruler of the system Ours
  • Giving Father of Child-Safe Weaponry
  • Clueless in the Myriad of Stupid Cultures and Mating Rituals of the Furless Longlegs
  • Super-duper Lieutenant Captainisimo ChiChi Zzingnut of the 42nd Squib Irregulars, retired
  • Savior of the Jawa Nation
  • Dono the Bounty Hunter
  • Space Cowboy
  • Gangster of Love
  • Maurice
  • Speaker of the pompitous of Love
  • My little Squibbie
  • Squibums
  • BS team member of the Month
  • BS team member of the Year (only other candidate was killed in prison transport)
  • Captain Reginald Buzzwald III, Scourge of the Universe
  • Rabid Squib of Raging Doom
  • Darth Squibius
  • Master of Squib Martial Arts (You really want a demonstration of this?!?)
  • SuperSquib; righter of wrongs and the wronger of rights!
  • The Furry Fabio of Female Fantasies

Empress Jynxie Vo-Zzingnut

  • Colonel of the Alliance to Restore the Republic
  • Highborn Lady Reon Vo-Zzingnut
  • Superduperest Numero Uno and now only Wife of the Furry Fabio of Female Fantasies
  • Mistress of Destruction
  • Shepherdess of Lost Animals (and other strays)
  • Forgiver of Transgressions
  • 'Mom'
  • Sexy Nymph of Love

Princess Snarf-Narf Lug-Zzingnut

  • Mini-Jynx
  • Battle Squib
  • Impulse Shopper
  • Inventor of the Intersquib

Princess Sal Vage' Lug-Zzingnut

  • The Mature and Younger One
  • Captain of the Mine, Not Yours
  • Maker of Friends
  • Socializer of Wild Boys

Princess Ari Zzingnut

  • Addicted to Shinies

The Royal Cabinet


  • Royal Luggage Boy
  • Bodyguard and Baggage Boy for Dr. Melisaande, Physician of Dak, Royal Physician of the Honorable Zzingnut Empire, Fixer of Boo-boos, Maker of All Betters, and Heroine of Rubber Duckies Everywhere
  • (secretly) Loyal Confidant and Handler of Messages for the Empress


  • Master-At-Arms-And-Tails

Dr. Melisaande

  • Lieutenant of the Alliance to Restore the Republic
  • Physician of Dak
  • Royal Physician of the Honorable Zzingnut Empire
  • Fixer of Boo-boos
  • Maker of All Betters
  • Heroine of Rubber Duckies Everywhere

Taylor Castel

  • General of the Alliance to Restore the Republic
  • Mighty Missy Smarty Pants
  • Teacher and Provider of Smarty Stuff
  • Distributory of all Brainy and Wise tidbits to the Mighty Squib Zzingnut Clan

Vandin Vronbeck

  • Court Jester
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